Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Keeps Me Alive

This is an every morning essential!

Of course, it's not always Starbucks...
or this big...
I know, I know, you're wondering
"Where does she put it all?"
"How does she stay so thin?!"

But I need my coffee in the morning...
like... as much as I need air.

What's your "Must Have" drink?


  1. LOL! Yes, where do you put it? I don't have a must have drink. I do love coffee, but it's not a must have in the morning. Sometimes I like it in the afternoon. I think I'll go make some right now.

    1. That's an excellent idea... I should have some more... although Heather says I shouldn't because I need my beauty sleep.

      She's so wise.

  2. Hello from Spain: my favorite drink is a creamy latte. I love the Starbucks. Nice pictures .. Keep in touch

    1. Ooooh! A nice creamy latte sounds amazing!!! Do take a picture sometime!

  3. Fashionistas: (all together) Hi Christie ! We are Glam, Cutie, Sassy, Sporty and Sweetie!! We are the Fashionistas !!

    Glam: My favourite drink is pink champagne.

    Cutie: Mine is a strawberry milkshake.

    Sassy: My favourite drink is a sex on the beach, possibly served by a beefy hunk waiter.

    Sporty: I like energy drinks.

    Sweetie: My favourite drink is beer.

    Glam/Cutie/Sassy/Sporty: Beer ??? Eeeewwww! !!!

    Sweetie: What's wrong ?

    Glam: Sweetie you can't drink beer, it's less girlish !

    Sweetie: Oh! I see.. But men always offer me beer when I go to the pub, it would be rude to refuse!

    Sassy: WHAT ?? Why men offer you drinks while I have always to pay by myself for mine ?

    Cutie: Maybe you should be less slutty.

    Sassy: Shut up Miss " I haven't lost my virginity because he took me from behind !!"

    1. Christie: Took... took you from... behind?... you can't mean... no no...

      Natalia: That's what she means.

      Christie: *gasp*!!!

      Natalia: Heh heh heh heh >8)

  4. I'd like my brewed coffee every morning :)

    1. Christie: Oh me too! I can barely function without it!!