Monday, April 8, 2013

What I Wore: Coffee Shop Morning

Coffee Date... except, like
the saddest date ever... because...


PS... don'tcha think the bow on this dress is a bit extreme?

Get the look!
Want this dress? Click Here!
Want these shoes? Click Here!
Want my coffee? FORGET IT!


  1. Mrs Hadley: By Jove missy!
    Standing alone above a table with a cute dress, that bow is too big, isn't the right way to conquer a man for a date.

    *turns up her nose in disapproval*

    Pleased of meet you, Christie, my name is Mrs Hadley and I'm Midge's mother, but you can call me Sandra. I'm here from a few days

    I know you love books. A book is perfect. You can sit politely at your table, with your book and a cup of coffee, keeping an eye on your book and the other eye at the door of the Cafe.

    When a charming man will pass the door, just ignore him. You'll see, he stops at your table pretending to start a conversation with you.

    If this won't happen, just throw the book at his head and you will have all his attention. It's a warrant tecnique. I got married after this.

    *sighs remembering the past good times*

    1. You're very right, Mrs. Hadley... unless I'm drunk and dancing, there is no reason to stand on a table! How rude of me.

      Of course, there were no men in this coffee shop because it was closed. So even if I threw a book, it wouldn't have hit anyone. *sigh*

    2. ps, I would love to hear about "the past good times" sometime :)