Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Hello, my name is Mona.

The ice storm raged on here throughout the week...

it was cold, and terrible, and dangerous...

and beautiful,

but much to Christie's chagrin,
it messed up her blogging plans.

 The poor girl had Holiday wishes for you all,
but we were too busy trying to keep our buns warm...

So, barring any further Icepocalypse,
this Friday the Friday Favorites will resume,
but this week we're going to have a list of New Year Resolutions instead.
Here are Christie's New Year Resolutions for 2014.


1. Make sure that all posts are planned out and pre-posted weeks in advance... that way if there are future Icepocalypse events, we're prepared!

2. Respond to emails faster!

3. Complete at least one craft project a month that is 1/6 scale.

4. Have at least one giveaway every quarter (Every 3 months)
5. Start a notebook of "ideas" so I don't lose track of things I think of randomly.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Friday Favorites #29

Good Morning!
Of course I couldn't forget the last Friday Favorite before Christmas!!!

But it's a little late due to:



Yup, we had some craaaaaaazy weather here this weekend, and everyone is still without power!
(I also had the flu Thursday and Friday, huzzah!)

How is the weather in your neck of the woods??

 I figured that since we've all probably spent all our money on buying presents...
it would be fun to have a Friday Favorite filled with free tutorials :)
I hope you enjoy this little change-up to the Friday Favorites!

1.  First up we have a totally FREE tutorial from the AMAZING Mijbil





6. And if you're really ambitious (and because it's Christmas, an extra Friday Fav!)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sale time!

We're moving some folks out around here!

Prices include First Class shipping.
If you would like to make it Priority shipping in the US, it will be an additional $3.
International shipping will need to be discussed.

Please feel free to make offers.

Boys first!

Mattel Twilight Emmett NUDE

Back to Brooklyn Auden (without his Jean Jacket)

Now for the girls!

Girl of the Moment Veronique NUDE

Girl of the Moment Veronique HEAD ONLY

City Shopper Brunette Barbie NUDE

City Shopper Blonde Barbie NUDE

United Kingdom Barbie NUDE

Skin Is In Kyori on a Stained Dynamite Body (legs are stained)

Glamour To Go Adele NUDE

Evening Chill Veronique (Red Head) with Corset, Underwear and Robe

Body Double Veronique, Hair Washed, NUDE


Knit Dress (left)
Body Double Veronique Jumpsuit (right)

Out Sass Vanessa Green Jacket

Out Sass Vanessa Fur Stole (left)
Diamond Dust Veronique Fur Handwarmer and hat (hat not pictured) (right)

Diamond Dust Veronique Top

Out Sass Vanessa Fur Stole (left)

 Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Friday Favorites #28

Tis the season!
Join me as I continue to spread the holiday cheer!

1. Maybe you just don't have a room in your house that's ready to be festive?

2. I think I might have an unhealthy love affair with puttering's work... 

3. After baking those cupcakes, you'll surely need some kitchen holiday towels to clean up,
(I should know, I own a set!)
©Blinkydoll's Boutique

4. You can get a ton of lovely candy canes from Breezy Kimerly


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let the decorating begin!

Hey folks! Christie here!

I spent this last weekend putting up my Christmas tree...
how about you?

When do you put up your holiday decorations?

This year I bought my tree from Blinkydoll's Boutique,
it's a German Feather Christmas Tree!

You can still get your own in time for the holidays in their shop!