Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites #5

1. If you're looking for a shop that sells cookies Martha Stewart would be proud of,
look no further, DollFood Miniatures has these juicy apple cookies for sale!
(I know it says they're 1:12 scale, but if you look at the pic of the cookie on the seller's fingertip, I think they'll work for us just fine!)


2. This bed by MaramyforBarbie will make any country chic girl swoon!


3. Ylang Garden sells the cutest notebook sets in town (and has some of the cutest models selling them too!) Not only that, but this listing isn't just for a notebook, but also a few other lovely stationary items!


4. Aren't these candy colored chairs by UtterMabness just the cutest? Check out the whole etsy page, you can get a table and chairs set too!


5. Wouldn't this Skull in a Jar by Kiva Ford be just perfect for Halloween?!
Even if this isn't quite to your taste, make sure to check out their Miniature Vases and Bottles... it's really beautiful work!!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Outdoorsey Girls

Christie: This is going to be great! A long weekend up north,
and we get to take our new car!

Nikki: If you say so. I still think we should have gone to a spa.

Christie: No way! This is going to be great! Just you wait and see!
Nikki: Whatever.

*After a few hours of driving Christie pulls into a gravel driveway*
Christie: Well! Here we are!!

Nikki: You have GOT to be kidding me.
That thing looks like its about to fall apart. I am *NOT* going in there!

Christie: *points to the view all around them* How can you complain?!
It's beautiful up here! So what if the cabin isn't a 5 star resort?

Christie: This nature is BEAUTIFUL!

Nikki: No, this nature is terrible! I'm surrounded by bugs and green crap!
Help Meeeeeeeee!!!!! There isn't a cabana boy in sight!
Do I look like the kind of girl who can live without room service?!

Nikki: *goes to the car* We are leaving, right now!
Christie: That's not fair, we haven't even given it a chance!
Nikki: Christie, have you thought about this? I promise you, there are bugs in that cabin the size of your head!
Christie: Uh... well... I didn't think about bugs...
Nikki: That's right, you NEVER DO until it's too late! We're going home, get in the car.
Christie: Oh... ok.

Nikki: Next time, I pick our vacation!
Christie: Ok :(

Nikki: Now, let's get the heck out of here... there isn't a Starbucks on any of these street corners... this is just... unnatural... *shudder*

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites #4

1. Have you been looking for vintage patterns at an affordable price (like, under $2)??


2. Do you need an ipad? iphone? imac?! Lilu's Shop is the place to be!
They're made from acrylic PVC and totally affordable!


3. Sometimes we think wicked thoughts. Sometimes we take wicked actions.
Is there someone in your life who needs poisoning?
Technically this is 1/8th scale, but I say if you buy the good stuff,
a little goes a long way.
(please make sure to check out her other stuff as well,
most of it isn't in our scale, but daaaaang is it cute!)


4. Where have these shoes been all my life?
Evidently, at Blueberry3's etsy shop!


5. Oh guys, I'm so sorry, I just can't help myself!
I try to keep everything I list here affordable, but every now and again there
is something that is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship...
and I TOTALLY want to own it!
This time around, it's this mini crochet gnome by SuAmi!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where's my lucky Waterbear?!

 Christie: What's this?

Another lovely package from the etsy shop, alleluja?!

Look, it's so tiny! It must be for me!

Look at how cute the packaging is!

Let's open it up, shall we?!

Oh! Look!! It's.... it's.... uh... *checks the etsy listing*


What's a Waterbear? *googles the term "waterbear"*


Maaaaaybe we'll just put him back in the box for now.... *shudder*

••• •••  ••• ••• ••• •••  ••• •••

Haha, obviously Christie was not the one to give a Waterbear too, LOL,
although I suspect she'll warm up to him.
He is a good luck charm after all!
He really is super cute and tiny,
a wonderful little statue for any doll home,
or a wonderful little good luck pocket charm for any person!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Wore: Cherry In Love

Christie: Hi everyone!
Today's outfit is Summer inspired,
I'm ready for the Grand Traverse Cherry Festival!!
(unfortunately, I still have a while to wait)
The Cherry Skirt was made by Heather,
sometimes she makes some really cute stuff!

The shirt actually comes from that beautiful, talented jerk, er, lovely girl...
Gabriella from High School Musical.
It's not fair, she gets the hot guys and the good clothes. :(
(Thank you, Kelly J., for helping me identify this one!)

Then there are the shoes, which came in a Fashion Fever pack with a red dress:

The necklace I stole from a Fashionista!

Here are the links for anyone who is interested in putting together an outfit like this on their own!

Skirt: Made by Heather
Shirt: Go HERE to get your own!

D'oh! I almost forgot to mention!
Do you like my new hairstyle?
It's just my pigtails pulled up into a ponytail!
I got the nifty rubber band (it comes in a pack with many sizes and colors)
from Target!

I couldn't find the color pack I bought online,
but I did find the pastel version!
The largest size is a bit large, but the medium and smaller size are just perfect!!
Go HERE to get your own!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suphattra's Clay Flowers

 Christie: Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite products.

Christie: Every year at our local art festival, I buy a few flowers... I'm growing quite the garden at the moment! The work is tiny and amazing, and if you don't like the pot your flower comes in, the artist will switch pots immediately for you! Talk about customer service!

Christie: This year she even had tiny Bamboo... when I was talking to her about it she said they were her favorites. :)

Christie: She makes larger, more 1/4-1/3 scale flowers too, of course our household has many of those as well!

All of her work is beautiful and affordable!
I'm not sure if she's willing to sell off of her website (I've spoken with her a few times and she says that the art fair season keeps her very, very, very busy!) but if you're interested
in checking her out, just click HERE!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Relaxing Weekend

Chrisite: Some days, ya just have to sit back and relax!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites #3

1. Aren't these backpacks by Penguinbabydoll the cutest?

2. A tisket, a tasket, the cutest little baskets over at beadocious!


3. For a long time now, I've wanted a Joyful Girl Gypsy Heart room...
someday... someday ;_;


4. Atelier Momoni has long been one of my favorite doll clothing designers!
Check out these adorable purple ruffle shirts she makes for gals our size:


5. Re Ment is at it again, making cute little food sets that are just our scale!
Available for preorder now is the Monster Inc Campus Life set...
check it out (and if you're interested in it, preorder immediately...
when they put a stop on the preorders, it's iffy as to whether or not they'll ever
come back in stock again!!!)