Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Spring Has Sprung!

Christie: In an effort to give my blog a little regularity...
ya know, without lots of fiber and stuff...
I'm designating certain days for certain kinds of posts.

I'm sure you've all already seen #1 of Friday Favorites!
Well, this is #1 of "What I Wore Wednesday"
I mean, technically, it's not #1 of the "What I Wore" posts,
but I felt just tossing them in helter-skelter was too much.

Nikki may try to tell you I'm a doofus,
but I like to be organized.

So... onwards!

This outfit is in honor of Spring!
It comes from a 1999 Playline release called Pretty Flowers
If you search ebay for "Pretty Flowers Barbie" in dolls, you'll find them :)
Thank you so much to Felicity on The Doll Page for your help in identifying the dress!
What I can tell you is that,
other than this lovely blue color,
the dress also comes in Pink, Purple and Yellow!

All versions of this dress can be found at a very affordable price on ebay!

Want the Dress? BUY IT HERE


  1. I don't think I've seen this one before, but it looks very cute on you, Christie.

    1. I know, and coming in so many different colors, it's mysterious!

  2. Hello from Spain, this dress is of a Barbie playline. I have one. Christie is very cool. Keep in touch

    1. So it came on a Barbie? Was it a holiday Barbie? It's very strange to me that it comes in so many different colors!!

  3. It comes from those cheap barbies with belly button bodies and stiff legs and arms, that's why has so many versions and has an affordable price

    1. Christie: Ahh, perhaps so... but it's a cute little dress for spring!

  4. I'm also thinking about tidying up the blog with sections, now it's a real mess. Love this one, it's perfect for seeing your lovely Christie in new outfits. And she looks so pretty in this one!

    1. Yeah, that's what I was feeling, I was just posting stuff helter skelter and I thought, "Wow... if anyone actually reads this... they might prefer to be able to tune in on days when stuff they're actually interested in pops up" Hehe!