Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dog Crazy

Nikki: *yaaaawn* Good Morning, adoring masses!
This morning I have quite the treat for you!

Nikki: COFFEE!

Nikki: Haha! Just kidding, sort of, it's not just coffee, it's a veritable triumvirate of AWESOME: Coffee, Puppies and FASHION!
Me being part of the equation, and being full of awesome is just a given.

Nikki:  Aspiring writers need to eat, so when I'm not writing, I walk dogs for
people with too much money and not enough time.
Of course, it's a necessity that I look fashionable while doing it.
These people wouldn't want their dog seen with just anyone.
That's where today's awesome wardrobe comes in!

Nikki: Toki Doki is totally in, and thanks to TinyLiving on etsy,
we Barbie girls can ride this fashion train!
She makes skirts, shirts, dresses and purses in Toki Doki print!
This skirt is totally adorable (Uh, machine gun... yes please! If that's not a warning,
I don't know what is!) although admittedly, it fits best on a Model Muse body,
my rear is a bit... ah... full for the skirt.
It still fits, but it's a much tighter fit.

Nikki:  And do you like the charm on my necklace? That's by Vuduberi, also of etsy fame.
It's double sided and totally high quality.
The one I'm wearing is called Ketchup, but there are 12 different styles.

Nikki: The bag is absolutely a-friggin-dorable. It's double sided (Toki Doki goodness on each side)!
It comes with a super cute, colorful charm too!
The only thing I did to it was tie on a new strap. The original strap was a bit short to stay
on my shoulder and hold my notebooks, and since this is such a large bag,
I'm using it more like a backpack rather than a purse.

Nikki:  This bag is the perfect size to hold all my story noteboo... GAH!
STOP THAT, Izzy!!!

*All the dogs begin to whimper*

Nikki: Oh! Sorry guys! It's time to go find some grass!! There is business to take care of!
*With that, Nikki and the pups rush off, carrying on with the business of the day*

This post wasn't possible without the super cute fashions of TinyLiving.
Please stop by her etsy shop HERE and check it out :)


  1. Evolution of a fashion blogger: first, a story notebook ("I only use recycled paper notebooks"); second, a laptop ("How could you do without one? Mine has a fashionable LV bag to put in!"); third, a smartphone ("It's sooo cool being connected to my blog and with my followers EVERYWHERE!!! Did you see my Gucci mobile cover?"); fourth, a tablet ("Can a tablet make keeping up with your blog easier and which ones are the best for fashion blogging? I resisted the call of the tablet for a while, thinking that all I needed was my trusty MacBook. But after a couple of seasons working during New York Fashion Week and going out of town for work, I decided that it might be time to invest in a tablet. YAY!! I found this glamazing Chanel cover for my new tablet!!")

    1. Nikki: You're right... how AM I surviving without a laptop? I swear there is one around here somewhere... are those friggin Neemos hording it????

  2. WoW!!! Nikki looks absolutely fabulous in her toki doki outfit, I love the skirt and the bag, they are so cute! And the pic of nikki running after the puppies is so funny, great job on your photo shooting!

    1. Niki: I am fabulous, thank you!
      Christie: Oye -_-

  3. She looks amazing and of course one must be fashionable when walking doggies!

    1. Especially rich doggies with high expectations, lol.

  4. I love Nikki. Such personality. And she has such a fantastic fashion sense too.

    1. Hehehe, it's good someone loves her, she gets a lot of dislike thrown her way!

  5. Good to see Nikki again. I love that she walks dogs in her spare time. Very cute outfit!

    1. Oh yeah, Nikki will always be around, I'm quite fond of her (if my sister were a Barbie, she'd look like Nikki, LOL)