Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Horror Story #1

In the middle of the floor lays a severed head...

Christie: Thaaaat's right, ya stupid body, just a liiiiiittle closer!

Christie: *pops head back on* SERIOUSLY, Heather!!!! SHEESH!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites #9

get em' while they're hot!

2. It's summer time! Time to start thinking about gardening again!
What better way to brighten up the house with potted plants?
Here are a bunch of pots from Thaifruitshop waiting for you to put them to good use!


3. I stumbled across this beautiful small sofa by Little Lazy Dolls... I almost lament sharing it,
I wouldn't mind having it for my very own!


4. This Blue Coat by Doll Fashion Store is to die for!


5. I am getting some serious bed envy here!
This Doll Bed from dreamcometruebeds is just amazing!!
*grabby hands*


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christie is feeling a little off today

Sorry guys, the temptation was just too much XD

Christie: Haha, the things I have to go through -_-;;

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Christie: Darling, I'm worried that you aren't eating enough...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second Edition Native American Barbie

 Christie: Hi everyone! Today we've got a special guest!

Christie: Please let me introduce you to Native American Barbie, Second Edition!
She came here all the way from... uh.... from...
Say, what Native American Tribe are you from, anyways?
The back of your box is pretty vague!
 Native American Barbie: I'm afraid I cannot say.
Christie: Ah, you don't know either, huh?
Native American Barbie: No, it is not that I don't know, but that the idiot typing
this blog post does not know. Therefore I am unable to share my true origins.
Christie: Well... according to the back of this box... your *true* origins are Indonesia.
Native American Barbie: Nothing is ever simple.

Is this prop in direct correlation with how much Disney I watched as a kid?
Yes. I'm sorry ;_;

She's really very pretty, and I found at a thrift store for $3...
she was still in her original box, but loose inside of it.
She still has her original stand too :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot Toys Agent Phil Coulson moves in

Christie: Whoa, this guy means business...

Christie: He is SO COOL!

Agent Coulson: The name is Phil Coulson, ma'am.
Christie: *Swoon*

Coulson: Would you like to look at my Captain America cards?
They're vintage.
Christie: 0_0

The cards are AWESOME... but... why does Coulson come with the blood splattered ones?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorites #8

1. Let's start this Friday off sharing ice cream with Tom Hanks!
I couldn't help it, not only is the ice cream treat by petitewonders28 delicious looking,
but this photo cracked me up XD
(You can get a Tom Hanks head of your own HERE)

2. Janit offers *beautiful* Garden Arbor Pond Kits
(as well as other lovely garden items for girls our size and smaller)

3. Vans Doll Treasures makes custom wooden signs to add a little spice to our homes!
What do you think, do I need one that says "Traveling Twig"?
Also, you should really check out Vanessa's blog for awesome Barbie stories!!

(but you really should check out her shop for the awesome knit wear!!)

5. Can you tell I'm droppin' hints left and right here for Heather to get me a bed of my own? ;_;

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites #7

1. It's Re Ment time again, folks! Every month Re Ment has some new releases, this month, you can preorder a super cute Rilakkuma Sweets Cafe set at Hobby Link Japan:


2. Summer heat is bearing down on us...
and what better way is there to feel refreshed than with a totally affordable
Cold Glass of Iced Tea from disarmywife?!


4. These 1/6 scale books by LittleTHINGSinterest are the COOLEST!
They are fully illustrated with text 0_0...
and there are tons of titles!


5. A simple, affordable bed by Quarter Creek :)


6. BONUS ITEM: Yup, that's right girls, bonus item today... because, well...
artyemily's brooch is an interesting solution on what to do with naughty Exes. Hehe!
(Ok, I just saw this and laughed... I had to share)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Strange Days

Christie: Today I wanted to talk about Takara Jenny outfits!
I got this one as a gift a while back and... uh...
GAH! It's that noise again... WHAT IS THAT?

*Narwhal pops out of nowhere and starts singing*
Narwhal, narwhal, living in the ocean!
Christie: WTF... did... did you see that?

Causing a commotion...
Christie: Sweet mother of... there are two!!

Because they are so Happy!
Christie: Eeep!
*Narwhals disappear as suddenly as they appeared*

 Christie: Wow... I... I need more coffee.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Majokko Shop Giveaway!

Christie: Hi folks,
just wanted to let you know that the Majokko Shop is 
having a giveaway!

Stop on over to
to check it out!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites #6

1. Are you looking for a great bunk bed at a reasonable price?


2. Have you been looking for tiny cameo brooches?


3. These Throw Pillows by DragonDee are just exquisite, plus she's filled them with something lovely that lets them keep their shape! I want Pantone pillows! XD


4. Have you ever seen such a delicious snack as the Taiyaki by asukasakumo?!
They come in multiple scales too :)


5. Every 1/6th girl should be able to enjoy Starbucks, like the ones in BEADSPAGE's etsy shop!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Look who just fell from the sky!

Christie: Who's this dapper fellow?

Christie: *whispers* Just between you and me... his head is HUGE 0_0

James: Hello, lovely lady, would you care to join Komiko and I for dinner?
Christie: Oh, is Komiko your doll? *looks at the beautiful doll James was carrying*
James: Er... eh heh heh heh... yeah... nevermind about Komiko.
Christie: Ooookay... uh, I think I'll pass on dinner, you have a lovely doll though.
*Christie hands the doll back and walks away... quickly*

Poor James... already pegged as a nutter, and that's before he told Christie about being a wizard...
or about Komiko, for that matter.