Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites #17

It's Friday,
the last Friday of August...
which means one last hurrah for summer themed fun
before the school season sets in,
marking the beginning of Fall.

1.  Stillpoint Woodworks' Sling Back Chairs come in quite the variety of fun colors...
and are perfect for laying in to soak up those summer rays. Totally affordable too!


2. Mouse Market's Silicone Mold means Ice Cream all day, EVERYDAY!!!


3. Miranda's Miniatures offers throw pillows that are just perfect to lean against
when spending hours and hours of summer vacation zoning out to video games!


4. This is more something to watch, rather than buy right now,
(unless you're an FR16 girl!)
but I highly recommend checking out VJHON's clothes...
he'll put 1/6th pieces up for preorder every so often,
and they're just stunning!


5. This last one is sort of a transition from Summer to Fall...
you can use them to draw a lovely Summer landscape,
or for back to school...
either way, these little pencils from Mini Places Studio are perfect!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In the Ghost Chair: My Melody Steffie (aka, Christie)

Come sit in the Ghost Chair
Whose flickering existence,
Wound round-about like fog in the sky,
And, much like a whisper,
Aloft on an eddy,
Stood quietly beckoning for you to come try.

Welcome to the Ghost Chair Hour...
in which someone takes a seat
and tells us something about themselves.
First we speak with Christie, a My Melody Steffie.
A question for Christie:
Whats your favourite smell/scent?

Christie: Ooooh, that's tough, so tough... really tough!
*thinks about it*
My favorite smell is the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
Yup... sooooo tasty!
Er... I hope that's what you meant by the question... ?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Spa Leo

Leo: A few more lovelies stopped by for some work!

Dynamite Girl Chill Factor Neve
I apologize for the cruddy "after" pic, but this girl was worked on at our
mobile spa, so we didn't have our photo setup, and she had to be shot with a phone.
It's ok, though, she just had her irises fixed (note that one iris did not touch the bottom of the eye, while the other did... it gave her a wonky sort of look)
 and turned to a light shade of purple. :)

This lovely lady had a full makeover. 
Everything was redone to give her a new breath of life.

Rare Creature Veronique
I know we've seen this lady before,
but I couldn't stand her crushed, spider-like eyelashes anymore, so I removed them,
and touched up her eyeliner :)

Out Sass Vanessa
Vanessa was a wonderful customer... she had her irises lowered and recolored to a lovely
olive green, and her lips were repainted a darker shade (and her teeth were fixed...
her original paint job had pink all over half her teeth -_-;;)

Thanks for stopping by again... hopefully we'll be back soon with more wonderful faces to share.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Items added to the sale page

The sale page has finally had things added to it... 
so far, the following items.

Fashion Royalty Rare Creature Veronique default body
3 Torso pieces are discolored (as seen in pics)
Price: Make an offer

Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk
Doll Only (Outfit NOT Included)
Brand New, removed from box and undressed but never played with
Price: $20 OBO

Doll of the World China body w/Dress & Bracelet
Dress is not removeable. Dress is coming apart at seam in back
as seen in picture.
Price: Make an offer

Please email me at
if you are interested in any of these items!

Friday Favorites #16


1. Takara Tomy Licca Doll Pet Sets are SO CUTE!

Something a little different... here are the links to these ones:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Ghost Chair: Flirtatious Veronique

Come sit in the Ghost Chair
Whose flickering existence,
Wound round-about like fog in the sky,
And, much like a whisper,
Aloft on an eddy,
Stood quietly beckoning for you to come try.

Welcome to the Ghost Chair Hour...
in which someone takes a seat
and tells us something about themselves.
First we speak with Flirtatious Veronique

Veronique: You can just call me Veronique... no need for the "Flirtatious" bit.

A question for Veronique:
Do you believe in kharma?

Veronique: No, I don't have time for silly notions like Kharma and Fate and Destiny... those are all just words used by people who are too weak to take action for themselves.
As if the universe cares about my petty squabbles and personal vendettas.
No, I believe in retribution.
Retribution is something I can exact myself...
no need to wait for the universe to catch up with my fury.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another guest at Spa Leo!

Leo: Today we have a first time customer!

Ms. Back to Black Natalia!
What a beautiful lady!
She needed a touch-up on some
already altered irises.
I was asked to lower them,
and make them a bit more
like the original (factory paint) in color.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Con Report from Veronique

Veronique: So... I have no idea why Heather brought me to
this thing called "Gencon".
As a perfume designer, the entire place...
except for the food truck area,
was offensive to my sense of smell.

The food truck food was amazing though...

Food Truck food was not the only thing consumed...

We looked at many wonderfully painted figures.
(Although they were all so strange... what does one use them for?)


We also played an awesome game called Firefly...
but then were totally bummed to find out it was all sold out. :(

In conclusion though,
this place is full of nerds.

Next year, Heather should take someone else who might appreciate that.
As for me... I have to go detox my nose.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites #15

It's that time again!

Yes please!

2. This summer dress by SquishTish reminds Heather of a Hawaii Barbie she used to have.


3. This adorable Bedding Pattern Set by Blythe Today is well worth the $5


 4. This necklace by angel boutique is so elegant!


5. Sakura Castle makes the most beautiful Kimono
I don't know why, but the link function is glitching on me >8(

©Sakura Castle

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Who knew the Fashion Royalty Girls
were such pet lovers?

Poppy: Summer accessories?

Veronique: Most certainly!

Erin: And puppies, don't forget the puppies!

There are tons of pets!

They're Takara Licca Pets XD

Erin: Seriously, how can you not think puppies are the cutest???

Erin: And there's so many of them... how do I choose one?
Wait... I'm rich! I choose them all!!!

Poppy: I like the small animals, they're so cute.

Poppy: But kitties are pretty cute too...