Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Favorites #13

Welcome to my little Friday the 13th Favorites,
I really should have chosen spookier things -_-;;

1.  Wouldn't this Tiny Unicorn by Ginko305 look amazing in a kids room?
(Or my room....) and it's totally affordable!
Make sure to check out all the cute tiny animals Ginko305 makes :)


2. Ever want it to look like you've gone on safari...
without actually having to shoot anything?
Amazing Miniatures' Rhino Wall Mount might be the right answer for you!

©Amazing Miniatures

3.  Ok, so this one is totally out of my price range...
but then... wouldn't you *expect* a time machine to be out of your price range?
Check it out,


4.  Let Hummingbird Miniature's Cupcake Tutorial help you make some
tasty pastries!

©Hummingbird Miniature

5. Do your ladies need some fabulous knit wear?
Check out GothicKDM's stylish knitwear for gals our size!
She makes clothing for other sizes of dolls as well
(but everyone knows we're the most important size)



  1. Hello from Spain: interesting findings. Keep in touch

  2. You always have the best finds. My wishlist keeps growing longer and longer. :)

    1. Oh, I understand... I totally understand, lol. I think at the top of my list are some of those beds I've posted, though, I mean... wow... they're just amazing!

  3. Did you see the cute little giraffe next to the unicorn? You know I love my giraffes. Great price, too. For $1200, that time machine needs to transport me to some incredible place. I enjoyed your picks again.

    1. Oh yes! It was very hard to choose... I'm sure their work will pop up in a FF again at some point XD

      ... and yes... I expect amazing things from such a time machine as well... but it was just too goofy and amusing an item not to include, even though I couldn't ever afford it... well... wait... or could I? Can I buy the time machine and then go back in time and save myself the $1200? GAH! TIME TRAVEL!!!!

  4. That is one very cute and affordable unicorn.

    1. I agree!!! They have a ton of super cute little animals!!