Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ms. Parker's Dessert

Poppy: I really should have bought that Coach Barbie...
I'll just have to console myself... *prepares dessert*

Poppy: Oh, hello Heather. It's a pity we didn't order Coach Barbie,
isn't it? I would have really looked great in her outfit.
I'm *SUCH* a Barbie fan... a real collector, if you will.
Me: Uh... but what happens to the Barbies after you collect their clothes?
Poppy: Ahh... good question! The answer is...

Poppy: ... we sweep, sweep, sweep them off to Goodwill.
Nice and tidy! New clothes for me...
New homes for them!
Barbies: Help Usssssss!

Poppy: Now... where was I?
Oh yes... dessert!

Me: Uhm... speaking of Barbies... has anyone seen Christie?!


  1. Replies
    1. Poppy Parker... *sigh* What will I ever do with her?

  2. Hello from Spain: very appetizing. I like a lot your supplements. Poppy is very pretty. Keep in touch

  3. Heather, you better keep an eye on that hoochie.

    1. I agree.

      Poppy: WHO are you calling a hoochie? I am, ahem, in no way, a hoochie!!

  4. She's annoying like the one we have here! Don't trust her Heather
    *suspicious glance*

    1. Ah Christie, yes, both of our houses are plagued by Poppy!!

      Poppy: I'm watching you, Christie. And your little wardrobe to, BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Oops - looks like you could have a problem.