Thursday, August 1, 2013

Telling Stories

Christie: We're about to swing into a story-telling campaign here,
but the more I write, the more confused I get...

Christie: Words start to lose their meaning... start to become nothing more than shapes on the page...

Christie: What should I do?


  1. Hello from Spain: it has to be inspired to write well .. I have the same dress with polka dots and I love it. Keep in touch

  2. Take your beloved character and ruin their lives. Murder loved ones, put them in jail, whatever. Just torment them and at least you've tested their character.

  3. Take a break, go for a walk to clear your head and then start again. OR, try your hand at a few random writing prompts to get the juices flowing.

    I get into this hole all the time but I never write out an outline or plan for my stories and I've been told that could be why. But I'm more of an organic writer, I like to see where things take me. So maybe you could try just writing whatever comes to mind and seeing what comes out.

  4. Read what you wrote, then take some time to think about. If you won't be able to go ahead, throw away that paper and start again

  5. Is she about to pen a young adult novel? Will there be werewolves?

  6. Go deep inside yourself. What DO you want to say? Take a walk and clear your mind. Your story will come to you. :-)