Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting Ready to Travel

Hi everyone!

Today has already been such a busy day!
Heather is getting ready to head home to her parents house for Easter,
and of course I'm tagging along... so I decided
to also help out in all the errands she had to run this morning
to get ready to go!

What I wore:

Isn't my little bag cute?!
The design on my bag was created by

So anyways... here's what we did today!
First up, the coffee shop. I am a girl who needs her coffee in the morning!

Give me a tall Chai latte, please!

Next up, we rushed out to Sweetilicious to snag some pies before they sold out!
Everyone wants a Sweetilicious pie for Easter!

See that empty spot on the shelf behind me... that's where the Chocolate Creme Pie I got
HAD been sitting, hehe! Pics of the Pies later, I promise :)

Next we had to run to Target for kitty litter (can't leave Macaron with no kitty litter for a weekend!)
While we were there though, I did a little clothes shopping ;)
I mean, come on... there was a sale!!!

At Target right now, they have these really cute little frames...
this one is going in my house!
There were about 4 different styles and colors :)

Then we had to put some gas in the car for the long trip.
It's never good to get stuck somewhere with no gas!

Finally, I helped "hide" Easter Eggs in the park across from our house.
It was so cute to watch the kids run and pick them all up!!

Soon we'll be hitting the road, driving across the state! 
I love to travel :)
More pics to come!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Easter

Hi Everyone!

Christie: Just wishing you a happy Easter Weekend! Tee hee!

Christie: Wait... there's something behind me, you say?
Ruining my TOO CUTE picture?!

Natalia: Yes. It's me.

Natalia: DIE, BUNNY.

Christie: OMG, NO! NO shooting on my blog!
Unless it's a camera... at me, hehe!
Natalia: Do Not Touch Me.

Christie: You need to lighten up, wanna pet the bunny, George?
Natalia: ...

Christie: EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Wore: Soda POP!

Doesn't this just make you think I should be hanging out in a soda shop?!
Even if it is a little cold around here for this outfit, like... 32 degrees, someday I'm moving to Florida, I swear!

Is anyone else out there stuck in a miserable winterscape too?
There isn't even pretty snow... just cold cold cold!

Thank goodness I'm staying inside where it's nice and toasty!
Paying the heating bill, ALWAYS a priority!!

This outfit is so ruffly and cute, and the ruffles are a really pretty, delicate blue fabric with sparkles!
The different shades of pink and blue, along with the black piping make this such a cute outfit.

These shoes actually came from a Barbie Basics girl... and they're kind of a pain to get on!
I always feel like I'm going to break them!
They're soooo comfortable to wear though.
Anything for fashion, right?!
At least, that's what people keep telling me.

Anyways, I totally thrifted this dress, it was such an awesome find!
BUT, if any of you are interested in getting your own,
I found one on ebay!
OMG, right?! Total needle in a haystack.

Thrifted Dress: Buy It Here
Barbie Basics Shoes: Buy It Here

Oh Hello :)

Hello, I'm Christie :)

I'm, like, so totally new to this blogging thing, 
but there is just so much that I want to share!

I'm going to be doing lots of fun stuff!
Weekly "What I Wore" posts,
Food posts,
lifestyle posts,
pet posts,
news posts... 
omg, you won't believe it.

Please stay tuned for lots and lots of fun!