Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Wore: Soda POP!

Doesn't this just make you think I should be hanging out in a soda shop?!
Even if it is a little cold around here for this outfit, like... 32 degrees, someday I'm moving to Florida, I swear!

Is anyone else out there stuck in a miserable winterscape too?
There isn't even pretty snow... just cold cold cold!

Thank goodness I'm staying inside where it's nice and toasty!
Paying the heating bill, ALWAYS a priority!!

This outfit is so ruffly and cute, and the ruffles are a really pretty, delicate blue fabric with sparkles!
The different shades of pink and blue, along with the black piping make this such a cute outfit.

These shoes actually came from a Barbie Basics girl... and they're kind of a pain to get on!
I always feel like I'm going to break them!
They're soooo comfortable to wear though.
Anything for fashion, right?!
At least, that's what people keep telling me.

Anyways, I totally thrifted this dress, it was such an awesome find!
BUT, if any of you are interested in getting your own,
I found one on ebay!
OMG, right?! Total needle in a haystack.

Thrifted Dress: Buy It Here
Barbie Basics Shoes: Buy It Here


  1. Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and also collect Barbies. I also love to live in Florida. In my city always bad weather. Nice dress, I invite you to visit my blog: If you want to keep in touch from blog to blog

    1. OH! I had to run over to your blog right away! Wow... what amazing stuff you guys have! I have got, like, NOTHING like that! That fireplace looked sooooo warm.

      Florida is just the best, isn't it? It's warm, it's got Disney World, it's got manatees... seriously, it's one awesome place.

      Ah well, I guess we're both stuck being frozen for now. -_-

  2. Thanks for sharing the sources for your outfit, Christie! It is cute. The shoes though are KILLER in my thinking. Still I give you kudos for being able to pull off the look and the heels. Good that someone is keeping up with the Fashionistas ;-D

    1. Oh dahling, I will always share (as long as I can find a source!) :)

      Yes, I do think there are better black shoes out there. These ones are really sleek looking when you get them on, but man, getting them on is ROUGH! I think we can do better in the future ;)

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of fashion dolls. I agree that those shoes can be a little difficult to put on, but my dolls seem to grab for that style quite often.

    1. They just go with almost everything -_-

      It's ok though, I've got a lot of shoes. No worries on running out of clothes anytime soon.

      Not nearly as much as your girls, mind you, but enough for one girl, uh... well... you know, for now. I'm not saying I don't need more clothes. I think I'll always need *more* clothes :) Don't want to give Heather any ideas that we're done clothes shopping for me. 0_0

      Anyhow, thanks for stopping by! I love reading about what's going on over at your place, so I hope you enjoy keeping up with what's going on over here ;)

  4. *muttering*

    Ok, ok, I do it!!


    Well, hello Christie, my name is Summer and, on behalf of the whole community of dolls from Vinyl Bay City - Italy, I say to you a huge wellcome to the blogosphere and to the fashion dolls world and.. Oh, WHAT THE FUCK!!

    *throws away the sheets*

    Holy shit! Those shoes are freakin' badass!! I love shoes! I have a pair of boots that are my favourites, they are loyal fellows of walk and kicks in the balls of assholes!!!


    If something bastard bothers you, give me a whistle and I'll fix him!!

    See ya ;-D


    *unanimous chorus of indignation from the other girls*

    1. Oh. My. Goodness.

      Summer, you crack me up! You go girl!

      You know, there are totally, like, no boys around here.
      I don't even know what is up with that.

      I think I totally need a pair of boots, though, just in case any boys *do* show up. I am woefully underprepared!

      Please stop by again!