Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Easter

Hi Everyone!

Christie: Just wishing you a happy Easter Weekend! Tee hee!

Christie: Wait... there's something behind me, you say?
Ruining my TOO CUTE picture?!

Natalia: Yes. It's me.

Natalia: DIE, BUNNY.

Christie: OMG, NO! NO shooting on my blog!
Unless it's a camera... at me, hehe!
Natalia: Do Not Touch Me.

Christie: You need to lighten up, wanna pet the bunny, George?
Natalia: ...

Christie: EEEEEEEEE!!!!!


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these pictures dedicated to Easter. I see that Natalia is evil. Keep in touch

    1. Hahaha, yes, Natalia is a very angry girl... and yeah, a little bit evil XD

  2. Yeeehhaaa!! I'm with you Natalia! Bunnies are evil, I hate bunnies!

    It's since forever that people say: "Oh look, a bunny! You love bunny, arent you?" just because my hair are orange! Umpf!

    Ah, yeeehaaa!! It's Didi here, I came to live with the crazy man and his chicks from a week.

    I love your gun Natalia, which kind is that? I'm thinking to get one, you know, I'm a head hunter and it would be useful for my job, this and a Harley (got it crazy man?)

    Ah, yeeehaaa Christie, if you are looking for someone you lost and you want to find or looking for someone who stole your money and you want your money back and blood squirts, I'm the right person for you!

    Umpf! Easter!

    1. Natalia: Hello Didi, I have two Glock 26s that I wear in dual thigh holsters. The Glock 26 is a semi-automatic, subcompact pistol chambered for 9x19mm with short recoil, locked breech and tilting barrel. They have been very effective for me. I also have an alien blade rifle... but, that's a bit of a specialized weapon.

      Christie: And the thigh holsters are sexy!

      Natalia: Shut up. Anyways, I highly recommend them. As for bunnies. I hate them. I'm allergic. I have red hair, so people make assumptions about me too. It's very annoying.

      I have taken the liberty of looking up a guns dealer for you. Here are some links to some very sexy guns:

  3. This was too funny! NO TOUCH. I'm not sure these two are going to get along. Poor bunny.

    1. I don't think they're going to get along either, LOL.

      I have to admit, Christie's whole blog came about from my being annoyed at all these 20-something's blogs out there where all they do is post pictures of themselves in outfits (aka, "What I wore today").

      Now... I don't actually mind those blogs, because I'm a firm believer of "If you're not interested in it, don't look at it"... but there have been several craft bloggers who have taken their craft blogs, and with no warning, stopped crafting and started posting "lookitmelookitme" posts... which is disappointing. I was following them to see their craft work. It's fine if they want to blog about that now, but don't hijack your huge follower base... that was following you BECAUSE OF YOUR CRAFTING SKILL and make us look at pics of you in badly coordinated outfits! I think that's cheating, because they don't want to do the legwork to get all the followers they already had for their crafts.

      Granted... I stop following those blogs once it's apparent they're never going to craft again... but it has now happened more than once, and it's makin' me crazy!

      (by-the-by, I am not saying all 20-something fashion blogs are worthless, I absolutely love The Dainty Squid, sure she posts "what I wore" posts, but she links to where you can get the stuff (unless she doesn't know) and she posts quite a lot of other interesting things too, not just "look at me!" all the time. A Beautiful Mess is another good one, in which 2 sisters post about recipes, photography, small business owning... and yes, pics of what they wore (although they might possible make the clothes they wear, I'm not sure.))

      ... that was probably more than you wanted to know, lol, but yes, The Traveling Twig is a work in progress... and I have a feeling that Natalia is going to be the embodiment of my disgust at blogs that hijack their readers in such ways.

      Christie I'm actually trying to model after the bloggers of this type that I like (ie, Dainty Squid)... and there will be another girl who shows up who represents the bloggers of this type who were the former crafters who switch to posting pics of nothing but "what they wore"... yes...

      I might have lost my mind. XD But hey, I'm having fun doing it.

  4. Too cute! The Black Widow doll is such a beauty. Well, they both are. :) I hope that you had a Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Yes... Natalia is a beauty... a very insane beauty, hehe.
      And I'm glad you think I (Christie) am a beauty too!

      ... unless you were talking about the bunny >_<