Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites #17

It's Friday,
the last Friday of August...
which means one last hurrah for summer themed fun
before the school season sets in,
marking the beginning of Fall.

1.  Stillpoint Woodworks' Sling Back Chairs come in quite the variety of fun colors...
and are perfect for laying in to soak up those summer rays. Totally affordable too!


2. Mouse Market's Silicone Mold means Ice Cream all day, EVERYDAY!!!


3. Miranda's Miniatures offers throw pillows that are just perfect to lean against
when spending hours and hours of summer vacation zoning out to video games!


4. This is more something to watch, rather than buy right now,
(unless you're an FR16 girl!)
but I highly recommend checking out VJHON's clothes...
he'll put 1/6th pieces up for preorder every so often,
and they're just stunning!


5. This last one is sort of a transition from Summer to Fall...
you can use them to draw a lovely Summer landscape,
or for back to school...
either way, these little pencils from Mini Places Studio are perfect!



  1. V.john also does 1/6 scale too I have that one outfit I got that the tan imogen is wearing. I really love all the details on it.

    1. Yeah, goofball, I know, LOL... all of the things featured on Feature Friday are 1/6th scale, or workable with 1/6 scale.

      I was just saying that *at the moment* he only has an FR16 outfit up for preorder. XD

  2. Thanks for sharing all these favourites, I love them all, especially those nice sun chairs!

  3. I almost missed the Friday favorites. I've been looking at those sling back chairs for over a year now. I love them, but know I just don't need another chair. lol. As a matter of fact, I don't need anything else. But alas, I am addicted to buying doll stuff.