Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites #9

get em' while they're hot!

2. It's summer time! Time to start thinking about gardening again!
What better way to brighten up the house with potted plants?
Here are a bunch of pots from Thaifruitshop waiting for you to put them to good use!


3. I stumbled across this beautiful small sofa by Little Lazy Dolls... I almost lament sharing it,
I wouldn't mind having it for my very own!


4. This Blue Coat by Doll Fashion Store is to die for!


5. I am getting some serious bed envy here!
This Doll Bed from dreamcometruebeds is just amazing!!
*grabby hands*



  1. Hello from Spain, interesting proposals. I like creations of Mío.

  2. Great finds as always. That bed is very realistic, pity the postage is almost as much as the bed.

  3. Wow, that blue coat and the bed are amazing.

  4. More nice choices. Is DollFashionStore and Clear-Lan the same company? Those are the same clothes sold on the Clear-lan website, except the price is much more at DollFashonStore. I'm so confused.