Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites #7

1. It's Re Ment time again, folks! Every month Re Ment has some new releases, this month, you can preorder a super cute Rilakkuma Sweets Cafe set at Hobby Link Japan:


2. Summer heat is bearing down on us...
and what better way is there to feel refreshed than with a totally affordable
Cold Glass of Iced Tea from disarmywife?!


4. These 1/6 scale books by LittleTHINGSinterest are the COOLEST!
They are fully illustrated with text 0_0...
and there are tons of titles!


5. A simple, affordable bed by Quarter Creek :)


6. BONUS ITEM: Yup, that's right girls, bonus item today... because, well...
artyemily's brooch is an interesting solution on what to do with naughty Exes. Hehe!
(Ok, I just saw this and laughed... I had to share)



  1. Hello from Spain, lovely proposals. Keep in touch

  2. Iced Tea, the tiny books and the bed are my favorities!
    The bonus item remember me this: