Monday, May 13, 2013

Hair Repair on the go!

Christie: Let's face it girls, we don't always have a pot of boiling water with us...
so, for those moments when you're out and about and you
really need a hair fix, I have a solution!

The idea came from those rascally little Neemos...
whose company, Azone, makes a product called Hair Oil
that is so popular, it's rarely ever in stock.

So, I was sitting around thinking, and it occurred to me,
why not just use the hair oil that the human uses?
So I did...
and the results were AWESOME!

Now, of course this isn't as clean and wonderful a fix as boiling water,
but like I said, sometimes boiling water just isn't possible...
but this oil comes in a small bottle that is easy to carry!

Here are the products we used:

The Herbal Essence hair gel is cheap, and available at your local grocery store (About $3 a tube)
Just make sure you get the STRONGEST HOLD!!!
The black comb is just a regular ol' black comb!
Now, the oil can be purchased direct from Aveda, HERE.
You might be thinking, "OMG, that's too much!"
But I must say... the human has had this *SAME* bottle of hair oil
for over 5 years... and she uses it often herself...
So if you use it just for dolls, who knows how long it might last!
... but you can also probably pick the oil up at a discount from discount beauty supply stores.

Here is a before and after pic of my hair:

As you can see, much nicer!
The oil really gives it a shine and clears up fly-aways!

Here's the process:

1. Run that comb through your messy ol' hair! (As you can see... it's not that my hair wasn't brushed, it's just those flyaways are out of control!)

2. Apply oil to comb, as such, and brush! I run the comb lightly through my hair at first, to get some oil at the top and bottom... then really give it a good comb!

The oil also gives your hair a beautiful shine (as illustrated by a Neemo!)

Finally, here is a pic of one of the Neemos, with before and after shots...
in the "before" shot, the left (when looking at it) pigtail has already had oil applied to it :)

So... uh... what's the Hair Gel for, you ask?

Not mine, mine were ok, but for the Neemos...

What you do is get a blob on your fingers, and then just coat the bangs you want to style in them (so they look like they've been soaked in water)... then take the fine end of the comb and brush them into the style you want!


  1. Thank you for thr tips, didn't know this, I'll definetively try!

    Cool post, I love makeup and beauty posts :-)

    1. Christie: Oh! You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Hello from Spain: some very useful tips. Beautiful hairstyles, keep in touch

  3. That's a great result and a good way of getting hair to look good for a photoshoot. I wonder if all the advertising about 'argon oil' and 'morroccan hair oil' make any difference to doll hair (I'll bet the manufacturers never tested that!)?

  4. Wow, this reminds me give back my girls some love... Great post/advise, Heather :)

    1. Haha, yes, sometimes we forget that just a little hair maintenance can make all the difference!

  5. Love the results! Looks like the oil works pretty good. Thanks for the hair tips. I need to try that stuff on some of the Moreville residents. :-)

    1. It really works wonderfully... I recommend it.

  6. Thanks for this useful tuto! I have a small tub of oil hair that I use no more and now I know how I'm going to use it from now on...

  7. Wonderful post. Your before and after pictures really show great results. Fly aways are the worst.