Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flying on the StarLite's Back Contest Entry

Meet the cast of this little story:

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Essentially though, you take Sergio's images and caption them :)


We come upon Christie and Dania,
it seems Christie is regaling Dania with a tale of her dating woes.

Christie: And then he was all like, "No, bitch, YOU walk like an Egyptian!"

Dania: *GASP* NO! He did NOT!
Christie: HE DID! *glances off to the side* Well... I *did* tell him he sphinx at kissing...
get it?

Dania: Uhm... not really?

Christie: What? My jokes are THE BOMB!
Dania: Ah, dahling, even bombs can be duds, sometimes.

Christie: *stands up in a huff* Not MY jokes!
I've got more humor and class in my little finger than you have in your whole family tree!

Dania: *stands up, dwarfing Christie in her giantess shadow*
EXCUSE ME? Perhaps more humor... I admit, we are a bit stuffy...

Dania: NO ONE out-classes a Zarr!

*Senseless staring ensues*
Christie: *HUFF*
Dania: *HUFF!*
If we were in the wild, one might mistake these two for posturing male birds,
partaking in some elaborate mating ritual dance.

Dania: Well, that was lovely, dear... let's do it again sometime, TA!

Dania: *saunters off in an elegant lope filled with nothing but high class*
Christie: Wait... wha....??

Christie:*calls out* That's cheating! You can't just walk away!
... but Dania is already gone.

Christie: *collapses onto the couch* Oh no, it's only a matter of time
before everyone hears about this...

Christie: My reputation as a high class lady will be destroyed... *forehead smack* How could I have been so naive, so foolish, as to challenge a Zarr!
I mean, she's practically big foot, if nothing else she could have crushed me!
I'll never be able to show my face again!

Raider: Did I hear someone say they can't believe it's not butter?

Raider: Because, baby, neither can I!

Raider: *hops over the couch* Smooth, silky, rich butter that I just want to rub all over my body...
Christie: HEY BUB, my butt's not butter... hands off, Mr. Grabby Pants!
Raider: Oooh, you want to grab my pants?!
Christie: GAH!

PJ & Allan: *pop up from behind the couch* Pants grabbin party?!

PJ: I don't wear pants, tee hee!
Raider: Oh, I see, oh my my!

Allan: Hey, hey, hey, sexy lady, I see you don't wear pants either... shall I take mine off too? Heh heh heh heh!
Christie: Oh HELL no!

On a quiet shelf, overlooking the whole scene, there stands a lone princess,
the kind overflowing with true class and grace:
Tarina: I... I'm pretty sure these people are all insane...
help me... please? Won't you? PLEASE?
I'm trapped in this box, eternally watching them...
slowly the sands of time are ebbing away at my sanity!!!!
Screw those other chicks, tell Sergio I need to be a prize for this contest and


  1. LOL Poor Tarina, I understand her! I would go mad watching all that inside a box. I love PJ popping from the sofa, she's so cute and funny!

    1. I agree, the last two who pop up from the sofa cracked me up... Sergio gave us some pretty amusing photos to work with.
      And poor Allan, he looks like such a creeper XD

  2. This is very nice.. I have been sorry for Tarina.. she cannot cover her eyes, she must see horrible shows! Ahahaha!

    1. I'm sorry for Tarina too XD You're right, she's so trapped!!! I can't even imagine what she sees, LOL!!!

  3. "If we were in the wild, one might mistake these two for posturing male birds,
    partaking in some elaborate mating ritual dance." "Pants grabbin party?!"

    Hahahaha!! Absolutely great!! Loved your entry!! Brilliant dialogues, I enjoyed reading them!

    I bought Allan with those clothes, I know, he's disturbing, but he'll come back to be the usual happy family man as usual soon.
    Tarina is my latest Steffie purchase, I'll free her from the box since I'll have a proper space for her

    1. Haha, Allan is quite the creeper at the moment, it will be interesting to see him in a more fatherly role, I wonder if I will ever be able to look at him and *not* think "Pants grabbin party?!" HAHA!

      Isn't Tarina beautiful :)

  4. LOL, I can't believe that Christie was bested.