Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Christie's Hong Kong Cousin

Christie: Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a little quiet lately!
I've been entertaining a visitor!

Please meet Chanel!
She is a Kurhn Doll!!

Chanel: Hi.
Christie: You have kind of a strange name.
Chanel: It's a Hong Kong thing.
Christie: Oh...
Well, anyways... as you can see, Chanel is a bit shorter than me.

Chanel: What do you mean by that?
Christie: Uh... that... you're shorter... *confused*
Chanel: Are you trying to make a joke?
Christie: No... *more confused*
Chanel: *stares hard at Christie and decides she's telling the truth* Ok.
Christie: T_T

Christie: Oh my, is this a bathing suit? It's pretty skimpy 0_0
Chanel: Eh heh heh, yes, a bathing suit...

Heather: It's me, the human, and I'm going to do a quick
analysis of the doll, a review for anyone considering buying one.

Things I like:
1. She's got a lovely, lanky, elegant body
2. Her skin tone is a really pretty, pale color.
3. Her hair is really soft and luxurious.
4. Her clothes are cute.
5. Overall, she's super cute.
6. While this is not the body with elbow and knee joints, she's still quite poseable.
7. She was shipped super fast and it only cost $4 (I opted for them to remove the doll from the box) 
8. Free gift!! flyingannalee sent along a free outfit, which was super sweet :)

Things I don't like:
1. Her makeup is wonky... look at the picture above. The bottom eyeliner/lashes on the left eye (to your right when looking at her) is way too low... and her eyeballs are wonky. I'll be repainting her for sure. It's not a problem for me, but for someone who doesn't paint, it would suck.
2. I thought I was getting the jointed body, the pics in the auction were misleading.
Wouldn't you think she was jointed at the elbows and knees?
No, when buying, you must ignore all promo pics and only look carefully at the
actual pic of the doll. You can see, in just that one pic, that she is in fact, not jointed at the elbows and knees. Bleh.

Final Analysis:
I would totally buy another one of these girls... their overall aesthetic is just too cute, and the pros outweigh the cons for me.!

I bought mine on ebay from flyingannalee, who is supposedly the
certified dealer of Kurhn dolls.
Check out her wares here:


  1. Great review :-) Yeah, the fake promo picture business totally sucks, I wonder if is possible to rebody them.
    Btw, I like the Pink Party Queen Sexy

    Summer: FUCK YEAH! We need a party queen here, for wild parties with alchoolic drinks and hunky go go boys!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    1. Their heads are pretty soft, so I think it would be... plus they aren't that expensive, so ordering a jointed one won't be too big of a deal. Even without the joints, the bodies are pretty elegant :)

      Chanel: I'm ready for the hunky go go boys, will they be wearing tight leather pants? Or maybe tight little shorts? :D

  2. Hi Heather! :)

    You wrote to me asking what the contest was: well here it is!

  3. Welcome Chanel!! Really like that picture of you and Christie together. Now I know your relative size to Christie. You both look great!

    1. Yes! I thought the comparison shot was important, otherwise how can anyone tell how big/small a doll actually is??

  4. Even with the wonky paint, Chanel has a very pretty face. And I can't wait to see her in her bathing suit.

    1. Hehehe, I'm afraid of why she'd be putting her "bathing suit" on XD

  5. I have a kind of fairyish doll who has that very same mold and body, and she's a cutie, like yours! Looking at the box pics, I would have thought it was poseable, too, it had to be so disapointing!! I'm sure when you repaint her she will look even better.

    1. I hope she'll look better when I repaint her, LOL.

      Yeah, it was disappointing about her posing, but she's still awfully cute... so I'll let it go this time XD

      These dolls are really cute, I was thinking I might order another at some point :)