Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Storm Arrives... no, not another post about rain, I swear

Christie: It was a dark day out...
the darkest of all days.
The neighborhood took on a creepy atmosphere,
like something out of Grimm's Fairytales.

Christie: Today, the BIG BAD WOLF arrived!!! EEEEEE!
Nikki: Oh please, you're such a dork.

Nikki: Hi all! I'm Nikki. I blog about fashion and life and style,
just like my sister, Christie, but I do it better.
I'll be a guest on her blog from time to time.
Christie: LIKE HELL!
Nikki: HAH, like you can stop me.
Christie: You're right, *sniffle*

Nikki: I mean, I'm older than Christie, I have more life experience...
and I know actual guys, a feat Christie has yet to accomplish (aka, even talking to one).
Instead she just spends all her time with that damned cat, Macaron.
Seriously, who names their cat after something they want to eat?
That just seems sick to me.
Like saying, "I acknowledge you are edible, cat."
Weird, but then, that's Christie for ya.

Nikki: I know Christie's already been prepping you for what an awful person I am.
I make no apologies for who I am.
I make no apologies for tormenting my sister.
(OH please, like you don't torment YOUR sister... if you have one)
I make no apologies in general, usually.
It's not my job to make you feel like a super special sunshine rainbow.
Deal with it.

Oh, and Hi, nice to meet'cha!

Since the photos above, Nikki has been upgraded to a more poseable body,
so she can give you her 'tude in a more expressive manner.

Nikki: That's right, I'm articulated... although my butt is HUGE now.
Gotta kiss those gold pants goodbye ;_;
Christie: Your butt isn't the only thing that's huge... your ego eclipses it.
Nikki: Whatev's, Tater Tot... you're just jealous that I make this look sooooo good.
Christie: Oh boy, save me... please? Anyone??


  1. Hello from Spain, Nikki comes wanting war. She is the sister bad. I like the denim dungarees that Nikki is wearing. Great pics. Poor Christie. Keep in touch

    1. Yeah, I really like her outfit too, lol, I'll have to find out where it's from XD

      Christie: YES!! Poor me!!!!

  2. I can see why Christie's given us so much warning about her sister's arrival. Poor thing.

  3. Haha! Christie...your intro was perfect. And don't feel bad if you've never talked to a boy. Trust me, they tend to be trouble. I have a feeling Nikki likes that sort of thing though....*wink*

    And the outfit is from a Myscene Design pack:


    1. Nikki: You got that right, bring on the boys, the badder, the better ;)
      Christie: Yup... big bad wolf... and thanks for the link!! Maybe I'll have to get the same outfit for me, hehehehe!
      Nikki: YOU HAD BETTER NOT!!!

  4. I have 2 older sisters and they are n° 1 champions in bitchyness, so Christie, you have all my solidarity

    1. Christie: Oh thank you, Sergio! I am so glad you can understand! Do you have sisters who diss your collections and lifestyles too?

    2. Unfortunately yes. They don't approve nothing of what I do or what I am. The older of th 2 is also homophobic and rather than accept that I'm gay she is convinced that I am bisexual, but pretends that I haven't contact of any type with men, like, I'm talking with a guy and she comes to interrupt and stay there staring at me and with my contact :-(

    3. Nikki: Ok, now even *I* find that rude. No one butts in when flirting is goin' on!

      Christie: Yes, very rude... and also kind of strange that Bi is better than Homosexual... either way... certain things still happen... if you sister is going to make believe, why not just make believe you're straight? Very strange... and I'm sorry she is that way.

      Nikki: Yeah, I'm sorry too... I know I rip on Christie, but if she were a lesbian I'd never tease her about that. It's her choice, and whatever it is, it's cool with me.

      Christie: Aww... really?

      Nikki: Yeah... except your choice to own all this stupid frilly lame-o crap... that is just pathetic... what's with you and all this pink anyways? Are you, like, 5??

      Christie: Sergio, I would love to have a brother... gay, straight, doesn't matter, I'd love him a ton because he'd have to be better than Nikki! HAHA!

  5. You go, Nikki! Hang in there Christie. I can't bring myself to hate on a redhead. LOL. Love both Nikki's outfits. So cute.