Monday, April 1, 2013

What are you reading?

 It's no secret, I enjoy spending my spare time reading.
This week I've decided to hit up a series called
The Spiderwick Chronicles...

this is actually part 2 in the series.
Admittedly, it's a bit kiddish, but I just love stories about faeries!

It's written by the very talented Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi.

So, I'm curious... what are you all reading?

Also... where do you read?
I tend to lay on the floor...

Although I'm not sure why, it's not very comfortable... 
I always end up repositioning myself a million times.

Maybe I should buy some more furniture?


  1. So you're Christie?

    Uhmmm.... Interesting...

    *suspicious sight*

    We have the same shoes you have there. I don't like them. Those Fashionistas wanted to force me to wear them ("You are a barbie, you MUST wear barbie clothes"). Of course I didn't wear them, but I have to say my barbecue burned great thank to them..

    As for the book, I'm reading "The Lost Language Of Cranes" by David Leavitt

    Be proud of your name

    *severe sight*

    1. Ooh! Another Christie... you know, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... Heather *meant* to name me Steffie... I think you can guess why... but... uh, yeah, Christie was stuck in her head that day and I got the wrong name. She's so dumb. Like, so dumb.

      Yes, these shoes are very glittery... and tall... and hard to stand in. About as practical as bricks for shoes... but I was just laying around today reading so I guess it didn't matter too much.

      I have to say, I do wear Barbie fashion... I want to wear all the fashion... even the bad stuff, maybe? I don't know.

      I don't know anything about The Lost Language of Cranes... I'm very curious now.

      I promise I will respect the name!

  2. Oh I forgot to say where I read, sorry

    Well, I read staying in bed, or while I guard the other folks the Messy Man is selling. You know, they tend to escape, but it's boring stay to watch them all the time

    1. The Messy Man? He sounds scary!

      Where do the folks that are being sold trying to escape to?

      Heather has some very ugly girls here who need new homes... I'll be talking about those hussies later.

      Reading in bed is a good idea. I'll have to give it a try, but I didn't want to fall asleep.

  3. Definitely, tell Heather to buy (or make) you more furniture! At the moment I seem to be reading mostly blogs - I'll read more books once winter sets in and work slows down.

    1. Winter is just starting to come to an end here, so I wonder if I'll read less? I read a lot of blogs too... I mean, I've got my little blog about stuff... but it's nothing compared to some of you guys' blogs... there are like, whole cities and stuff... with...


      Yeah... There are no men here.
      My life is so sad.

  4. We ALL loved the Spiderwick Chronicles! I've read it, my 11 yr old son has read it and my 8 yr old is currently reading it too! :-)

    1. It's just so cute, isn't it? I really love Middle Grade and YA novels... they're usually just so fun!

      I mean, I read "grown up" stuff too... but come on, who doesn't love a good faerie story?! Especially with Tony DiTerlizzi's illustrations added in :)