Friday, April 5, 2013

Strange Morning

Christie: Morning everyone! Just enjoying a light breakfast!

Heather (aka, the big person in charge): *shakes head and blinks* WHAT IS THAT?!
Christie: What? I don't think one little donut will do any harm.
Heather: Little? *blinks*

Christie: Why yes, and a cup of coffee too.
Heather: 0_0 I'm taking crazy pills.
Christie: Yup! You are.

Anyone interested in snaggin' their own donuts,
here's the set this donut is from:

And here's the box the little coffee cup is from:


  1. Is she a My Melody??? She is sooooo cute, that Steffie mold is my favourite ever, and yours look so sweet in that outfit. Lucky her, she doesn't have to worry about her weigh while eating her doughnuts...

    1. She is the My Melody Steffie mold!! I rebodied her on the Sinatra/Elvis/Fashionista (I forget -_-;;) body, though, so she'd have more movement.

      My original intent was just to steal her clothes for my Misaki... but she was sooo cute, she won me over and got me collecting Barbie again.

      I should put what doll she is in her bio (although I have been collecting Steffie heads for when she has "makeovers")

      Also, thanks for stopping by!

      And yes, I'm envious of her ability to eat up whatever she wants.

      Christie: Yup! I never gain a pound!

  2. A good breakfast is important for starting in the best way the day :-)
    I have always a cup of coffee and a slice of cake for breakfast, yummy!!

    Hi Christie! I don't have still a name, but I'm the blonde Barbie Look City Shopper, and, we have the same face mold!! OMG!! That's so freakin' cool!! It's like having a twin sister!!

    My box was damaged, so the Flesh Human deboxed me and now I'm catwalking on a shelf.

    There is also my City Shopper friend. She's still in her box and she wants to say to you that everytime you would want go shopping with us, you will be always wellcome!

    See you soon, sister :-*

    1. Oh hi!!! So good to hear from another Steffie mold! Heather (that's my Flesh Human... but she says I can't call her that... or meat puppet... she's no fun) also bought that girl, and she says I can do a giveaway with her shopping bag, where I fill it with fun stuff! I'm pretty excited about that, but I need to figure out what to give away. Any ideas? Do you think it should be an outfit with some custom jewelry? Would that be fun?

      I would love to go shopping with you girls! I know some pretty good places... but I bet you guys know better ones!

    2. A giveaway? Oh yes! Super fun!!


      I think that a complete outfit, you know, dress + shoes + custom jewels and accessories, would be an actractive prize for a giveaway, don't you think?

      Theare are glamazing boutiques here ;-)

    3. Oh yes, it would have to be the full deal... just one little bit of an outfit without accessories is no giveaway at all!!

  3. That's a cute donut - and I hope Christie is drinking good coffee as it's her first cup of the morning.

  4. LOL, I think my eyesight is bad too because I could have sworn that donut was HUGE. I must be seeing things.