Monday, April 29, 2013

Seeing Spots

Christie: Spot the dog, spots on the dress... I'm seeing spots everywhere!
And where did all these dogs come from anyways?

Want my look?
Get the Dress: HERE
Get the Shoes: HERE
Get the Dogs: HERE, HERE & HERE

Mind you, these aren't always the best prices for these items
(I'm surely not paying $80 for a dress! If you stay vigilant though,
it'll pop up for lower prices) ... mostly, this is just to help you know
what the item is called, what set it's from, what era... all that good stuff!

Just in case the auctions are over when you click on the links, here are the names of each item:
Dress: Fashion Fever Teresa-Polka Dot Dress-2004-H0873
Shoes: These shoes are from the Pink Label "Barbie As Elvis" Doll
Dog on left: Barbie Glam 'N Groom Set W/ Lacey Dog Style 'N Groom their matching hair 1999
Other two dogs: 1981 Beauty and Pup (the set actually had 2 pups originally) although you can get 1979 Beauty on her own on ebay fairly cheap :)


  1. I've got the dress and the shoes, and they are lovely!

    1. They really are!!! I actually want to try make some dresses mimicking this style because I just love it!

  2. The Messy Man found aused spot scene outfit (Teresa), but he wasn't smart enough, he bought also the girl who was wearing it!! Another folk!!


    Btw Christie I recommend you these clothes, they're gorgeous!! I'll tell you more about when the new girl and (my) outfit will be here.

    I love your dogs, maybe we should consider to take some

    Summer: We have already those Fashionistas bitches, they're pretty much fucking challenging to look after!!

    *giggling together*

    1. Christie: Oh yes, I really love this dress... I'm totally going to try to make myself some more like it! It's just my style. I think you'll look really lovely in it!!!

      Dogs are quite fun, although these ones aren't mine, I have Macaron (my kitty) and that's enough for me... I was just kind of... pet sitting them... until someone here decides to adopt them. It won't be Nikki though, she's got some snotty little Chihuahuas already. She likes small dogs.

      Summer... I think we need to see some stories about how difficult they are! Hehe!

  3. You're looking cute in that dress. I have the dress. Cute shoes. Good to know where they come from. I also have the dog, but didn't know the name. That was a great price for the doll and dog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chrisite: I keep wearing the shoes because they go with so much 0_0 I never expected it... especially since I'm not always a fan of gold and silver together, but these shoes really work!