Tuesday, April 2, 2013

These Three Hoes Gotta Go!

Hey all! It's Christie!

Today I'm posting a pic of these three layabouts.
They have GOT TO GO.

There's no room for hussies like this,
who just lounge around nude all day
{{*muffled yell from the background* YOU STOLE ALL OUR CLOTHES!}}
AHEM, who lounge around nude all day,
in this house!

So here they are,
please help me get rid of them.

Left to Right:  
Paul Frank Barbie on default body
Fashionista Barbie on City Shopper Model Muse body
Barbie that came with Kohl's exclusive Pink Volkswagon

The cost of adoption?
You pay shipping and these wenches are yours.


  1. Philip. Hya Christie! It's Philip ;-)
    None of these three girls is remotely comparable to your superb beauty and sexyness, btw, I think that I sacrifice myself and I'll take all them all and..

    OUCH !!!!

    Summer: Shut up the fuck! YOU PORK !!!

    Philip: M..mmy j..jeweelss.....

    Hi Christie, it's Sergio, actually I'm selling all the blonde naked barbies I have here, they wanted to do a sorta of "Blonde Ambition Kingdom" but I'm interested in adpoting the girl on the left with the bangs

    Didi: Yeehaaa!! So I won't more "the one with bangs", it's deathly boring, and I HATE been bored !!

  2. Hahahaha, omg I'm dyin' here. You guys are too funny!

    Philip might need someone who is an expert in excavation. Hehehehe.

    I've got your address, Sergio, so I'll check and see what shipping is on her and let ya know :)

  3. They can't help being hoes. They were molded that way, lol.

    Bad me ;-D

    1. Hehe, you're right!

      Although two of them have molded on panties... and here I thought they just had a skin condition. 0_0