Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nikki rants about Barbie Clothing

 (please pardon the cruddy phone photos, but I'm just too angry to dedicate time to taking good ones of a product that doesn't deserve it.)

Nikki: What is up with the cheap-ass clothing from Mattel lately?

First off... cut it out with the pink/purple sparkles.
You should have your sparkle license REVOKED.
Don't get me wrong, it's cool every once in a while,
it appeases kawaii addicts like my sister...
but stylish girls like me?
At least not for 90% of our wardrobe. -_-
But really, this is more of a personal preference...
I'm sure Christie would be thrilled to keep on with
pink and purple sparkles.

Second, there's something seriously wrong when a Fashionista outfit can make
Rapunzel and Wonder Woman look like hookers.
Just sayin.

Diana (aka, Wonder Woman): Hey Big Boy... lookin' for a good time?

Finally, and my biggest rant of all...
I mean, seriously, how CHEAP can you get?!
I know Emmett was pretty pissed off about his
half a vest (dude... he wasn't a cheap date... so why
are you skimping on his clothes, Mattel?!)
Man-oh-man, though...
today was the final straw,
and it's name?
"I can be... Paleontologist" Barbie.

Christie is such a dinosaur nut,
it's kinda cute, really.
So when we got Ms. Paleontologist Barbie,
Christie was psyched about the new outfit...
A t-shirt with dinos on it?
Even I think that's cool... 
but our delight was short lived.

Because Mattel did it again.
Just like Emmett's vest, except even crappier.


Frankly, if they're going to pull this crap,
they need to have listed,
on the outside of the box,
the contents OF the box.

To top it all off, the arm holes aren't even hemmed,
and are already pulling apart.

What a cheap piece o' crap.

It's funny too,
I'll point you to #5 on the back of the box:

Somehow, I don't think a vest that cannot be removed from your half-shirt is 
dressing for the occasion.


  1. Fashionistas: EEEeeeEEEkkKKKK !!!

    Glam: Nikki!! How dare you criticize and demean our beloved Mattel outfits?

    Sweetie: We love pink, glitter, purple and gold, they're deliciously girlish!!

    Sassy: And the one-piece bussiness comes very handful when you're horny and hot with your sexy man ;-D

    Summer: SHUT UP THE FUCK YOU IDIOTS! Yeah! Yeah! You have damn right Nikki budd!! Those crapps are awful!! I find one-piece filth and all the lamè shit so sad!! Also, glitters make me scratch like a scabby bitch! HOLY FUCK!! I don't wanna look like one who has crabs!!

    Philip: How much is Diana's rate?

    Fashionistas + Summer: YOU PORK !!!

    * they chase to Philip brandishing a shoe (or a boot) in their hand *

    Philip: AAAaaahhhhhh!!! Heeelp meeee !!!

    1. Nikki: Oh Fashionistas, you are SO wrong about the clothes being easier to get out of! Emmet's half-vest/shirt is nearly impossible... so complicated... not cool at all... I CANNOT get that man undressed. See... isn't that lame? Plus they're really poorly made and the dino shirt is about to fall apart. Ugh.

      I am right with you Summer!! They call glitter the STD of the craft world, you know. Once you get it, you can't get rid of it 0_0 Mattel needs to shape up! I want GOOD CLOTHES!!!

      ... and Philip... I wouldn't let Diana hear you say that. She's craaaaaazy.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth on this one. Mattel is really bugging me with their crappy false advertising. And does the back of that box say "In association with the Smithsonian Institute"?!?!? 0.0 So much respect has been lost. Boo.

    1. It does have the Smithsonian logo on there... isn't that sad? I wonder if they knew that they were signing up for poorly made clothing and glitter covered dino bones. I'm going to be honest... I would have liked this set so much more if they'd taken it more seriously... my younger self would have felt the same way.

  3. A lot of clothes lately just have a mesh backing or a sheer backing. The fabric does not wrap around to the back of the outfit. Darn, that's too bad. Christie you may have to make your own dino shirt. This one is a fail.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that with all the cute print dresses in the fashion packs... which is really lame... a human wouldn't buy that dress to wear. It's annoying that they're being so cheap. Bring me back some Fashion Fever!!!

      Christie: You know, I'm going to cut the front of this out, use it to make a pattern for the back, and try sewing it into a full shirt. I might ruin it, but heck, I'm not going to wear it the way it is now anyways, so why not give it a try?

  4. Hello from Spain: I love the denim overalls. She is very cool. In recent years Mattel clothing is of very poor quality. A pity! Keep in touch

    1. It's true... although the boots and hat from this set were cute.

  5. I haven't purchased any of their newer taller doll stuff, but one of the things that I love about Bratz clothing is that it's separates. A shirt and a vest is a shirt and a vest, not a combo. Mattel is just sloppy.

    1. EXACTLY! I buy Bratz stuff all the time because it fits the Neemos and it's always nice quality. I have no idea what Mattel is thinking when it comes to Barbie stuff. Even the Monster High stuff is pretty awesome quality.

  6. So for once Nikki is fighting for Christie and not against her. What a pity about the clothing - and you notice it even more when you compare it to the vintage clothing which was beautifully made. (I still have a lot - the skater outfit has a working zipper in the back and just about everything is fully lined.)

    1. Yes, when it comes to clothes, Nikki and Christie can work together to make sure everyone knows what is good and what is not, hehe. Although they usually disagree on the style of clothes XD

      Yeah, the vintage stuff is beautiful... heck, even the Fashion Fever stuff is beautiful. It's so sad, really.

  7. I totally agree with all the things you pointed out to mattel!!! I have that paleontologist and almost shouted in anger when I saw what they had sold me...

    1. YES!! I bought this set just for the shirt... I looooove dinosaurs... and that's what I found. I "shouted in anger" in the form of complaining to the company. They actually responded and worked hard to make it up to me, which was awesome! If they really want to make it up to us though, make better clothes!

  8. I TOTALLY hear you about the clothes! I mean can we get a dress that is dress length - not a long shirt? Your girls sit down and they are flashing folks! i loved the LIV clothes- so realistic!

    1. You're so right!!! I was in the store with my Mom and we were looking at the Fasionista vs. the S.I.S. girls... and it's not even a contest, the S.I.S. girls are so much better... why can't they apply good style and clothing across the board????

  9. AMEN sistah. I bought the "I Can Be" cop/fireman set (clearance at Wal*Mart, hallelujah) and once I got it de-boxed, I couldn't stop thinking of it as stripper wear. So with a few modifications, that's what it's going to become, since it's only a few snips here and there difference--this is why I just don't bother with buying Barbie clothes anymore, there's nothing to them. Makes me nostalgic for the olden days of the early 90s...sure the styling was terrible but at least there were CLOTHES.

    1. Nikki: At least with the cop/fireman set you can have sexy pole dancing... who wants to see a paleontologist pole dance? Well, ok, admittedly, I'm sure there are people out there... but it's not particularly the profession that comes to mind when one thinks "sexy dancing"... maybe there should be a campaign to change that.

      Yeah, a lot of the clothes now are just crap... I find myself hunting ebay, thrift stores and garage sales for items from the past. How sad is that?