Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New and Thank You!

 Christie: Good Morning!

Christie: First let me just say,
Welcome to all of our new followers
for your feedback on the necklace question.

I assure you it wasn't a case of being lazy,
we have done a lot of research on pricing :)
I was mostly just curious what *YOU*
would pay for something like that XD

Nikki: Whatever, they all just thought you were lazy... and rightly so.
I mean, come on, you don't even have a real job.
Christie: I have a real job! I just haven't revealed it yet.
Nikki: HAH! Right, because it's such a big surprise?
Christie: Maaaaybe :(
Nikki: Like I said, lazy and unemployed.
Christie: You're so mean sometimes ;_;
ANYHOW... Mean Girl Nikki aside,
there are a few new faces.

1. Katniss Everdeen: You may have seen her around if you follow my Instagram...
where you'll see exploits such as this:

Katniss is one to watch out for... even Emmett looks shocked... or impressed...
I'm not sure  0_0

2. Diana Prince: She's... uhm... not a hooker. I swear...
despite what this Fashionista outfit looks like.

3. Frankie: She's shorter than everyone else, which you'd think might give her
a complex, but she's all about being the spunky, tiny ball of energy bouncing
around... she also loves crafting, just like me :)

4. Not really a new character, just another version of me :) You'll find this pic under the 
Steffie tab under the "Christie" section!


  1. I love the pics you take, the dolls look so gorgeous! And the girls should take care with Katniss being around...

    1. Thank you! And yes... Katniss is trouble. I hear she's moved out of the house and is now living in the woods. Hmm.

  2. Esmie: What's wrong, girl, in living in the woods? I love woods!! Also, I love big and endless forests, jungles, dark caves, lost temples and ancient sanctuaries!! There are good places very finding treasures and rotten mummies, I'm a treasure hunter, the BEST!! (Lara Croft you are a sucker!!)

    It's Sergio, I love the new characters, amazing how you find always new ways of update and refresh your blog :-)

    I also have a Frank Sinatra Barbie head, I thought of (trying) to reroot her, but with the hair down looks really good!

  3. Christie: Oh, Esmie, there is nothing wrong with what you do! How awesome!! Do you have an adventuring outfit?! :)
    Katniss is different though... she does not adventure. I think if she could, she'd grow a beard. -_-

    Heather here XD Yup, I'm trying to build up a little bit of a cast to do some storytelling. XD I love your cast on your blog, so I figured, well, I'd better make this more than a one girl show!
    And yeah! Sinatra turned out ok... I did the whole "boil water" styling method... and it worked well. There is no other product in her hair, it just lays nice. I was thinking of giving it a little more of a style at some point... but I'll admit, I'm a little scared :)

  4. Emmett does seem both shocked and impressed--as he should be. Love the new characters. I especially like Frankie so far. :)

    1. Thanks... yeah, I think Frankie will be fun to have around... I like that she's shorter, like me, hehe.

  5. Your doll photos are so gorgeous! I look forward to your stories. Moreville has so many residents, I have to pick and chose which of their stories to tell at any given time! LOL :-)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I worry about getting too many, or about having characters who are too vague... so I'm adding people tentatively.

  6. You photos are fabulous especially the quality :) :) I look forward to more of ur posts Heather. :)


  7. thanks for visite my blog. I really like the doll you have and also you photos and clothes!