Monday, January 27, 2014

(Belated) Friday Favorite #33

Sorry for the delay folks!
It's been a crazy cold week, followed by a crazy cold weekend!

1. One of my favorite reroot artists is Cat at A Doll Affinity... if you're thinking of having your hair redone, check her out!
(Find her on Facebook too:

2. Heh heh heh... for your men with Facial Hair issues, this hat from LoreebyLane is hilarious!

3. These two Guinea Pigs by Handmade by November are just the cutest!

4. With all this weather, I think I just need to relax inside with a bottle of wine... kivaford can help with that!

5. I really love this coffee table from miniCHAIR:


  1. Hello from Spain: I follow the work of A Doll Affinity. She is fabulous. Great creations. Keep in touch

  2. Oh my gosh, some awesome items on there. I need to go back through your Friday Favourites and note down all the shops now that I have an 1/6 scale doll incoming. And thanks for that reroot artist. I've been debating about getting one of those blank Azone heads and Pure Neemo bodies and have someone paint the face and redo the hair.

    Actually, you might know this, for painting those vinly heads, do you use MSC as a coat as well? I've been trying to find alternatives to MSC, something less toxic...

  3. Cat does the most beautiful repaints - and I love the stories on her blog. Your other finds are great - that's one interesting hat.

  4. Everything in this post is awesome, especially the little piggies.

    I see that your Christie graphic is dressed for the cold weather. ^__^