Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Didja Join?

Christie: Oh, hey Poppy! Did you join the Fashion Royalty Club this year?
Today was the last day!

Poppy: Yes. I've joined the Barbie Collector Club too.

Christie: Oh, uh, really? It's... kind of a Barbie thing. I didn't join the Fashion Royalty Club...

Poppy: Nor could you. You are inferior. However, Mattel does sometimes make decent clothing. For example, what you're wearing now. My plan is to purchase your brethren and strip them, then dispose of their bodies.

Christie: *sobs*

Poppy: What?

If you're interested in joining the Barbie Collector's Club, go here:

If you're interested in joining the Fashion Royalty Club, go here...
but you'd better do it quickly, registration ends today, 9PM:


  1. Loved this! Poor Christie, Poppy is too hard on her.....

  2. Bwahahahah Christie thats my plan as well XD
    I did join both, in any case if i want another of those closet things I can use my coupon on it, and who knows what else this year.

    As for the FR's since they are kinda focusing I guess on the Nu.Face and the Hommes with body revisions, I know what ones Im looking for exactly...Erin, Lilith/Eden, and Giselle for the girls

  3. I was thinking about joining the BC today, but in the end I didn't. There is still time though if I change my mind!