Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites #30

Welcome to WINTER!
To follow up the ice storm, we're now being graced with below freezing temperatures!
Uhm, no thanks?
For me, this is a hint to stay inside and watch tv... so today's Friday Favorites are inspired by some of my favorite TV shows!!

1. I have to admit, I'm all about the Monromance on Grimm... but as the show has continued, I like it more and more! Bring a little Grimm home with littleTHINGSinterest's Grimm's Fairytales book!

2. The Walking Dead has been a favorite of mine since it began... so creepy, so good... and poor Rick... his life is total poop. This creepy Skeleton reminded me of the half-zombie in episode 1 of season 1.  Arcanum Miniatures Skeleton is pretty cool.
©Arcanum Miniatures

3. Breaking Bad was an amazing show, and I'm sad (and secretly relieved... seriously... that was some heavy stuff!) it's over. kivaford's Chemistry Set let's you play the role of Walter White on your scale!

4. ArtnVintagebyDesign has this lovely little teapot that reminds me of a certain episode of the BBC's Sherlock series:

5. This Vintage Style brooch from angel boutique is like something out of Mad Men


  1. Hello from Spain: I also follow the Mad Men series. I really like the brooch. Keep in touch

    1. Me too! I like the dress too, but they don't sell those :(

  2. Sometimes I like the new BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch - that tea set does look cute ;-)

    That angel brooch is also cute. Someday ....

    Thanks for sharing these items.

    P.S. I prefer - no adore Doctor Who, Tom Baker originally then David Tennant's and Matt Smith's versions. Will look into the new Doctor, too. As soon as those DVDs release in the US and hit the library system ;-)

    1. HAHA! I love Doctor Who as well... and I wanted to include the series... but what I REALLY wanted was a 1/6 scale Sonic Screwdriver... why does this not exist? And if it does... where is it???? XD

      I watch them on Netflix, so I haven't seen the newest Doctor yet either, but I'm excited!