Thursday, April 10, 2014

Victoire Roux: La Grande Seduction

The first W Club exclusive doll of 2014
 This girl has a great little story to go along with her:

During Europe's darkest hours, Victoire Roux not only fought valiantly to save the lives of her compatriots, but as a patron of the arts, she also worked tirelessly to protect the magnificent cultural heritage of France. Swiftly salvaging and hiding world famous paintings by the likes of Van Gogh, Monet and many others from would be conquerors and other miscreants in an ultra secret hiding place, Victoire successfully saved these irreplaceable treasures from almost certain annihilation.
In order to maintain a shroud of secrecy, only a few key members of the French Resistance knew the exact location of the "ark of beauty" (as it became known). As the conflict finally neared the end and rumors of the ark's actual existence started circulating in the allied underground, the hope that beauty and art might have survived the ugliness of war immediately acted as a morale booster, leading everyone to fight harder for the freedom that they believed in.
Many subterfuges were used to explain the art's disappearance from galleries and museums during the occupation. From swiftly moving the pieces mere moments before a building's destruction to simply declaring them stolen in the aftermath of various skirmishes, miraculously, the enemy never came close to discovering any of the resistance's clever subterfuges.
Once the war ended, Victoire immediately revealed the location of the ark and a ceremony was held to return every single tableau to their rightful owners. Organized in collaboration with the Hotel de Ville de Paris, the restitution ceremony was a grand affair with the entire who's who of France and many allied dignitaries all present to honor the courage of Victoire Roux and her valiant friends from the resistance. This ceremony set an indelible mark on history- the moment the world officially acknowledged the heroics of Victoire Roux. All in attendance stood in awe at the prowess of her achievements. All were under her spell, utterly seduced by our hero's incredible determination and resolve. That night, Victoire Roux was the real star, easily outshining the great masters that she had fought so hard to preserve!

She must be ordered by:
  Monday, April 14th at Noon Eastern Time (New York Time).

And she will cost $115 plus shipping.
How many will they make of her?
Well, as many as club members order, and each club member is allowed to order one.

I won't be ordering this gal, as I love the Victoire Roux I already ordered this year...
but she is lovely!


  1. Hello from Spain: this doll is fabulous. Very pretty but too expensive.

  2. Hi Heather, as beautiful as she looks I passed on this one, I'm not mad about her coloring, expecially the pink lips.....if I'm going to buy a Victoire I believe I will pick night in montecarlo.....
    In fact I was a bit disappointed by this first exclusive, as I collect the main line and nu-face and I'm growing restless to see the new collection! (I want to see the new hommes!!!)

  3. Not only is she a clever girl but a gorgeous one at that!

  4. She must've been vampirized to look still that good. ;)

  5. Ugh! I'd buy her for the back-story alone if I had the cash to spare. But alas, I do not. So in honor of Victoire.../merde/.

  6. Oh, she is beautiful. I really love the make up they did on this model. Her dress is a lovely colour, not sure the style is to my taste though. Still, have to admit, Integrity do some really nice clothing designs and they're always pretty good quality.

    Still kicking myself that I missed out on joining the club. I am missing out on so many of these beauties. Ah well, I already bought a Victoire Roux recently and I rather like her so I guess I wouldn't have bought this one anyway even if I was able to.

    I hope you are able to post the Poppy Parker line up for this year when they eventually unveil them. I'm really curious about this line and I am still set on getting at least one Poppy Parker doll. I'm holding off deciding which one until I find out what they're releasing this year.

  7. Lovely doll; congrats on getting your Victoire Roux!

  8. I have to pay Fashion Explorer Vanessa and Jem Countess Danielle Du Voisin, but I hope to find her at the secondary market, she's spectacular