Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Favorites #42

Well, I do apologize for the lack of last week's list!
I had all day car troubles and by the time I got home, man was I tiiiiired!
I tell ya... you'd think plastic cars would be more reliable!

Anyways... I'm hoping soon I can change my winter icon! Haha... is that just wishful thinking?
Oh how I'm looking forward to Spring!

On that note, I'm feeling in a "beveragey" mood today!

3. Let's face it ladies, sometimes we need something stronger!
BEADSPAGE has this bottle of sake for us!

4. OneSixthSense has this lovely lemonade set... and other awesome drinks!


  1. Saki eh? Hmm. I've never had saki, but I understand it can put one under the table quickly! LOL I should ask Casey if he's ordered any for his tavern. LOL :-)

  2. All great pieces and I would love that sake set.

  3. Such cute items! I love the straws!

  4. Hey Heather! I nominated yuor blog for the versatile blog award :D