Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites #40

Good Morning!

How is everyone this morning? Doing well?
It has finally stopped snowing here, so I'm pretty happy. :)

1. If you've been reading the blog, you know Knitty & Purrrl just opened and have some beautiful sweaters available!

2. How cute are these little cake stands from Pottery by Anita?

3. Check out this Miniature Barbie Dreamhouse, being sold on etsy by Big Red Angel... but it's actually a Hallmark ornament, so if this ones sells out, you can find it on ebay too :)


5. What better to put by the bathtub than a REAL candle in our size????


  1. I do so love your Friday favorites! That sweater is gorgeous! :-)

    1. Thanks!! Oh man, yeah, me too... it was tough to resist just getting that one for myself XD (I figured since I took the pics and was promoting it, I shouldn't be greedy and snatch up my favorite one... but if it sits there much longer, I just might!) XD

  2. Hello from Spain: I like your proposals. Keep in touch

  3. Hi! Lovely items, I especially like the bathtub! The sweaters are great too of course. I just joined your blog and one of your other blogs, looking forward to the future posts! Regards from Belgium :-)

    1. Hi!! Yes, I've seen the sweaters in person and looooove them!!

      Thanks so much for joining up too!

  4. Those knits are such a beauty! You have a knack at curating such wonderful creations, Heather!

    And with that, I have nominated your blog to the Liebster Blog Award.. I hope you could join in the fun :) Please check out my post about it below..