Sunday, March 2, 2014

Camira Domina

Color Infusion C, now named Camira Domina (by Integrity, not me, lol)

Here is what she looked like originally:

Copyright All rights reserved by Dmitry Yushkevich
I wasn't a fan.
Not at all.
That under-eye makeup just scares me.

So I gave her a repaint/enhancement that I thought
befitted a redhead:

Note her nail polish, which is still the color her lips originally were, ack!


  1. She looks now like Natalia Estrada (a spanish showgirl/actress very famous in Italy)

    1. Oops..! Not Natalia Estrada, but Vanessa Incontrada, is also a a spanish showgirl/actress very famous in Italy, but more young than Natalia Estrada

  2. Now that is a dramatical difference. She looks really good after the makeover!

  3. She's looking much improved! More like a real person :)

  4. Again Heather, you did a wonderful job, I hope you shall change also the nail polish. I do agree with you the original makeup was awful!!!
    Now she looks a bit like Vanessa Incontrada!

  5. She looks like what Lindsay Lohan would've grown up into if she hadn't lost her damn mind. SO much better than the original--I don't get that under-eye makeup trend, like who out there is DELIBERATELY doing that?

  6. I love how her repaint turned out. She looks so much softer in features now and I love her freckles. Subtle but charming.

  7. Nice! I love that last shot. She looks so real.

  8. Amazing transformation and fab photo!!!

  9. Fantastic job (I see shades of Felicia Day in the result, and that's good!). That before makeup... yikes. She had blue bags under her eyes!