Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas time is here!

So, you'll have to forgive me,
but I've just been on a Blinkydoll's Boutique extravaganza this week.

I want to keep you guys psyched up about the giveaway! XD
Although it seems a lot of folks are psyched about the giveaway items...
the shop is down to its last three 17 Item Shopping Spree sets!

Of course, it doesn't help that their shop just updated with some cute
holiday items.

All images in this post are © Lea St. Germain...
since the product just came out this morning,
I don't have it in hand to photograph myself XD
But I will... oh yes... I will...

It certainly doesn't help my wallet at all...

Look at this room setup? 
How cute is this?!
*I* would love to live in this room!!!!

© Lea St. Germain

This tea set with a little tart as a snack is adorable...
it makes me want to go home and brew up my own pot of tea right now!
(it also reminds me of the teapot episode of the BBC's Sherlock...
that teapot has such a lovely patina... hehe)
© Lea St. Germain

I really love this red and white fabric on this 100% cotton linen hand tied quilt.
This listing comes with the teddy too :)
... and is it just me, or do we all want to know where this Poppy gets her
fabulous dress from???
© Lea St. Germain

There are several sets of Holiday Hand Towels to choose from,
but I fell in love with the Santa ones.

© Lea St. Germain

Here's a twist on the wooden crate I bought,
How cute would this look filled with packing material and
christmas bulbs???
© Lea St. Germain

This Bit of Christmas floral arrangement is a lovely accent...
but Poppy must not have a cat...
my cats would totally eat that!
(not the doll sized one, I mean a real plant, lol)

© Lea St. Germain

I'm in love with this Vintage Pendleton Throw Blanket....
(the red one at the end of the bed)
I can think of a million photographs to take with this!
I'll bet it would double as an awesome picnic blanket too!

© Lea St. Germain

the vases have been one of my favorite items for a while now.
I'm still kicking myself for not throwing one on my initial order.
© Lea St. Germain

Last but not least,
I love the postage stamp and printed word look.

© Lea St. Germain

That has been their holiday update for the week, with more to come this weekend, or so I hear!
I have this terrible problem of wanting to buy everything in their shop, LOL.
 Please stop by the other posts from this week and check those out too!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love this furniture and all the blankets and Christmas decorations. Awesome room. Keep in touch ..

  2. That room is soooo sweet. All the details are perfect.