Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Favorites #26

It's time to start the Christmas Countdown!
Here are some items that will help you get in the festive mood!

1. I'm in love with these Christmas Trees from Blinkydoll's Boutique!
I ordered one, and I'll be doing a review soon :) but let me tell you now,
it's AWESOME. They have a larger size too!
©Blinkydoll's Boutique


3. The Little Hedgerow has little lights that will help decorate your home!




  1. A great selection as always. I love the upholstery fabric in the small prints and am very sorry that America and Australia have different electricity systems so I can't use those gorgeous little lights.

    1. Oh! I'm pretty sure the lights don't actually light up, lol, I think they're just like the scrapbooking embellishment lights... right? (If they light up... wow!) XD

  2. Hello Heather! Thank you so much for including my furniture piece in your Friday Favourites! You have a great blog :) I added you to my blogroll.

    1. It's a super cute piece!!! I really love your furniture! ... I always hope folks see my Friday Favs and it generates some business for the sellers!!!!