Monday, October 14, 2013

Friday Favorites #19

Sorry guys!
I was out of town
getting my car fixed
(the radiator split in half 0_0)
and I set up my "auto post" wrong!!

So here we go!
On with the Halloween themed suggestions!

1. Maybe you gals are thinking of throwing a Halloween Party?
jessieraye's Pumpkin cupcakes would be just perfect!

2. Nothing like this bowl of slimy slugs from Pixie Dust Miniatures
to add some ooze to the holiday!

3. Now that you've got all those slugs... what to do with them... what to do...
why not make something delicious with Pixie Dust Miniatures cookbook of bug recipes.
I'm sure there's a great slug recipe in there somewhere!

4. Of course... to properly prepare slugs, you'll need dpaone's cutting board!

5. Finally, what better way to present those baked slugs, than in a jack o' lantern basket you make yourself? Pixie Dust Miniatures is selling the pdf tutorial :)


  1. Hello from Spain: great proposals.. Keep in touch

  2. Good Lord honey, how do you split a radiator? Glad to know you're back in one piece, LOVE the selection. The Pixie minis make me drool from wanting!

  3. My french is too expensive, I couldn't prepare slugs

  4. Happy belated Halloween. I've been reading most of your posts, but for some reason when I try to comment, sometimes they won't post. Not sure why. Even now, this comment is going through very slowly. More great choices on this and your latest Friday faves.