Monday, October 21, 2013

A Giveaway and some help for a friend

Good Morning, everyone!

First up...
I have been following these kitties for quite a while:

And recently, poor Ginko has developed seizures and needs rather pricey medicine
to help keep them at bay.

Having had a dog with severe seizures,
this is a matter close to my heart...
nevermind that I LOVE reading about these kitties on the internet!
They have their own website HERE!

Also nevermind that their owner, Chun (aka Puppy52)
is one of the sweetest folks you'll ever come across.

ANYWAYS, to help gain some funds for Ginko's pricey meds,
Chun has created this lovely illustration of Yoshi
that you can buy through Zazzle on things like shirts and bags.


You can also opt for the "Photo-quality Yoshi"
LOL... aka, a photo of him...

A brother has to do his part to help his sister out!

I opted for the illustration...
because I believe in the cause
(100% of the proceeds go to Ginko's meds)
but also because... look at it!
It's a lovely illustration!!!
You can have a kick ass, cute as heck bag
(which you'll love even more if you check out Ginko & Yoshi's blog)
AND you'll be helping a kitty out!


Next up is a giveaway that I thought might interest you... it's an "our scale"
decorative item from the very talented Mijbil Creatures.

If you've never checked out Mijbil Creatures...
Such cute stuff :)

You have a chance to win this tiny squirrel, and it's box of tasty macaroons!
for a tutorial on how to make your own squirrel!!

The giveaway ends when there is a random drawing at the beginning of November!

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