Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clear lan update at the end of February!!

Clear lan's site says there will be an update at the end of February...

and since it's the end of February, that's gotta be soon, right?

Go here to check out their awesome website and clothes:

So I thought I'd share some of their awesome preview pics:



  1. I've been looking at their website. Do you know what they're like to order from? I know they have an Etsy store too but there doesn't seem to be as much available there as their site.

    1. Their website is awesome to order from, and if you sign up with them, you can create a "favorites" list, which is an awesome feature to keep track of what you want to buy XD

      Here is my method to ordering from them (so I don't spend a fortune there all at once, haha!) I order one or two items that I want, then have them shipped to me via the $3 shipping method (aka, the slow method)... it takes them about 2 weeks to fill the order, and then it usually takes another 3-4 weeks to ship to me... then, when that order comes in... I order again XD

      It's always worked out great!!

  2. WOW! how awesome are these dresses i especially like the yellow coat i'm gonna check them now,

  3. Hello from Spain: I will visit this page online. The clothes are awesome. Keep in touch