Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites #10

Spurred on by my immense guilt for not having a
Friday Favorite last week
(or... you know, the fact that I forgot to "schedule" the post,
and accidentally left it as a draft -_-;;)
This week there will be double the favorite fun!




3. Aren't these little Amagurumi Pandas by SoraAmigurumi precious??





6. Sweet Petite Shop does *not* help my sweet tooth problem!




8. Check out these adorable "vintage" suitecases from moma10!


9. This miniature wall hanging from Grandma's Bliss is too cute:


10. This little planter from bedsbystar is really cute!



  1. So many things to love in this post. The furniture from Mini Places Studio is fantastic. I've added to my list of shops. It's amazing what people can do on such small scale.

  2. oooo awesome overload. I think I love the cushions the most, but that suitcase is pretty cool too :)