Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

A friend of mine is selling some awfully cute
Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

There are girl and guy styles,
and will fit Fashion Royalty, Barbie
and other like-sized dolls :)

All of the ones pictured below are for sale,
$20 each!

Inquire here, or at

Girl Sweaters Available (including the one above!)
1. Lovely Reindeer
2. Santa Kitty
3. Screamin' Snowman
4. O' Christmas Tree
5. Regift


Guy Sweaters Available (including the one above!)
1. Naughty Reindeer
2. Krampus
3. Ugly Sweater
4. Light It Up
5. Bday Boy


  1. These are very cute but it is way too hot here to wear a jumper (sweater to you) . We are all in T-shirts and camisoles.

    1. I have other items in my shop like skirts and wraps. Im always adding something new I try each month.